Staining Parties

When This House of Books acquired the assets of Red Lodge Books & Tea, we got a lot of bookshelves. I suppose that’s to be expected for a bookstore. The decór in Red Lodge was all rustic light wood, mostly with raw pine and cedar. To fit with the look of the new store, those light pine shelves needed to get darker, as we did at the first of our staining parties today.

We had volunteers wandering in all day, some putting in a few hours of staining and sanding time, and others spending a good chunk of their day. With 28 fixtures and hundreds of individual shelves, there was a lot of staining to do, and the party will continue tomorrow and Monday.

Stain-before and after
Before and after. Some people pay extra for that “distressed” look, but we built it ourselves!
Craig Huisenga works on a fixture.
Stain-Against paint
The new color works really well with our blue walls.

Author: Gary D. Robson

Gary Robson: Author, tea guy, and general manager of the Billings Bookstore Cooperative. I've written books and articles on a zillion different subjects, but everyone knows me for my "Who Pooped in the Park?" books.

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