We will be adding more downloads to this section as time goes on.

Icon-Fact sheet for investors 2016-08-20 This printable PDF Fact Sheet for Investors contains everything you need to know before purchasing shares in This House Of Books (a.k.a. Billings Bookstore Cooperative). It describes the share types, the benefits to the investor at different levels of involvement, and answers a few common questions.
Icon-Fact sheet for authors 2016-08-20 If you’re a published author, you’ll want to take a look at our PDF Fact Sheet for Authors. It covers much of the same information as the general investor sheet, but also describes special benefits for author members. We’re proud to have prominent authors as member/owners, employees, and board members of our co-op!
Icon-Stock Purchase Agreement 2016-08-20 The Stock Purchase Agreement is a simple one-page PDF form. Fill it out and send it in with a check, and you are a member/owner of This House of Books!
Icon-About our Name 2016-08-20 Where did the name “This House of Books” come from? We have a blog post that explains it, or you can download this handy printable version of the story.