Get Involved

A community-owned cooperative is inextricably tied to the community it is in. Our store straddles two communities: our physical community of Billings, MT and the broader literary community. This is reflected in our investors, our volunteers, and our leadership team.

You can become a part of this unique project in three ways:


For as little as $100, you can become a full voting member. During this critical startup phase, we need investors to provide us with the funds to renovate the building, buy the inventory, and hire the staff.


As we move closer to the grand opening, we’ll need volunteers to help make things happen. Once the store is open, there will be even more opportunities. No matter your skill set or how much time you have to help, we can use you!

Join the Team

If you’re interested in becoming one of our employees, bookmark the jobs page and check back regularly for postings. We’ll also be posting jobs on our Facebook page.